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Sirius Maritime Group's Crew Training Programs are powered by Ocean Technologies Group (OTG)

As a leading provider of maritime training and learning solutions, Ocean Technologies Group is committed to advancing the yacht industry by offering comprehensive online training courses, certification programs, and recruitment tools tailored specifically to meet the needs of maritime companies worldwide.

Crew Training

Key Features



Access a wide range of interactive courses covering safety, compliance, technical skills, and leadership development.



Study anytime, anywhere, on any device with Ocean Technologies Group’s user-friendly platform.



Evaluate crew skills and performance with customizable assessments tools, used to plan remedial training and development opportunities to address any weaknesses and maximise potential. Some of our assesments include CES Test, APRO Test and Face 5 Test.


Recognized  Certifications

Ocean Technologies Group’s courses are industry-recognized and meet flag approval standards.

Program Overview

Types of Training Available


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OLP Library

Access an extensive training library of tiles/mini-courses covering a range of topics relevant to the yachting industry.

These courses are designed to enhance crew knowledge and skills, though they do not result in a certificate.

Topics Covered:

  • Crowd Control
  • Cyber Security
  • Navigation
  • Mooring Stability
  • MLC
  • Ship Safety
  • and many more

Formats used in the library:

  • E-Learning
  • Learning Videos
  • Pocket Guides
  • Reflective learning 


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3rd Party Certificate Courses

Participate in flag-approved certificate courses via distance learning.

Discover our competitively priced flexible online courses:

  • STCW Designated Security Duties at $150 per course
  • STCW Ship Security Officer at $250
  • STCW Crisis Management & Human Behavior at $250
  • Wartsila ECDIS Navisailor 4000 at $165
  • and many more


These courses count towards obtaining higher qualifications and are strictly controlled and standardized.


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Design and deploy fast and efficient e-learning.

With our Rapid E-Learning tool you can create, review and publish e-learning materials using your PowerPoint, PDF files and video, quickly and efficiently .

You can now distribute crucial information throughout the yacht, respond to an urgent need to deliver training and measure progress. You can upload your own training materials or access mini-trainings provided by Sirius Maritime Group.

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