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Svilen Vodenicharov

With over 15 years in the maritime industry, Svilen has garnered extensive experience on cargo and cruise ships, as well as superyachts of all sizes.

His experience spans both onboard and shoreside roles, encompassing the full management of 30 to 140 meters yachts, as well as involvement in their construction and delivery. Holding a Master Mariner unlimited license, Svilen is a continual learner, having earned an MSc in Transport and Economics, an MBA in Shipping, and certifications as an ISM & ISO auditor, ship security, safety officer, and environmental officer.

Svilen’s commitment to professional growth is evident through his pursuit of various exams related to ship management, finance and law.

Svilen Vodenicharov
Svilen Vodenicharov

Our Team

Our yacht specialists

We are positioned in such a way that we can provide perfect services to the complex yacht management requirements of our customers

Our team experience spans both onboard and shoreside roles, encompassing the full management of 30 to 140 meters yachts, as well as involvement in their construction and delivery. None of this would be possible without the incredible team that forms the foundation and support of everything we have built together.

We are committed to attracting not only experienced professionals but also individuals who are eager to expand their knowledge and tackle the daily tasks required to maintain the value of your vessel. Our team consists of certified Master Mariners, Chief Engineers Unlimited, Crew Managers with experience on board as Pursers & Chief Stewardesses, Naval Architects, and Accountants, to mention but a few.

Each team member shares the same enthusiasm, diligently pursuing our mission and vision every single day.

We put you first

Our Diverse Crew

We are always looking for new people to expand our Crew onboard.


Crew Recruitment

We are always looking for new people to expand our Crew onboard

We ensure full, professional and independent crew employment solutions and employee’s relations; compliant with the requirements of the IMO‘s maritime Labour Convention (MLC) and with relevant national regulations. We very much look forward to welcoming you onboard.

Together into the Future

with our partners, we set sail towards digital innovation

In an era where innovation drives progress across various sectors, Yacht Management often finds itself trailing behind due to reliance on traditional methods. Such outdated processes can impede efficiency, presenting challenges for both yacht owners and crews alike.

Through strategic integration of advanced software solutions, we revolutionize every aspect of yacht management, from Budgeting and Procurement to Technical Management and Crew Database & Rotation. By embracing cutting-edge digital tools, we not only enhance operational efficiency but also ensure unparalleled accuracy and transparency throughout our processes.

Pioneers in Digital Solutions

Our valued software partners are essential for progress in an AI-driven era

Cloud Fleet Manager

Cloud Fleet Manager
(from Hanseatic Soft)

ISF Watchkeeper

ISF Watchkeeper

Ocean Technologies Group

Ocean Technologies Group (OTG)

NaviGate by CAIM SEA

Navigate by CAIM SEA

VOLY Yachting

VOLY Yachting
(Accounting services)



Our Values

Passion. Integrity.
Collaboration. Progress.

At Sirius Maritime, we prioritize our values in every aspect of our business, ensuring integrity and dedication drive our daily operations.


Our Vision

Is a future where safety, sustainability and happiness reign supreme

We are driven to set the highest standards in yacht safety, utilizing cutting-edge technologies and rigorous measures. Environmental stewardship is at our core, as we champion sustainable practices to ensure cleaner seas for future generations.

Our ultimate goal is to deliver exceptional experiences, bringing joy and satisfaction to owners and guests alike. By upholding these values, we aim to redefine excellence in the maritime industry and inspire positive change worldwide.

Our Mission

Excellence in Yacht Management: Upholding Core Values at Sirius Maritime

At Sirius Maritime, our mission is to deliver exceptional yacht management services, guided by our core values of professionalism, integrity, safety, environmental responsibility, client focus and innovation.